Friday, 1 August 2014

iPad To HDMI Adapter Dock Connector To HDMI Adapter For iPad/iPhone 4/iPod Touch

 iPad To HDMI Adapter Dock Connector To HDMI Adapter 

For iPad /iPhone 4/iPod Touch 


 Moies (iTunes and Netflix), Videos, Photos Slideshow, YouTube video (via Youtube app and on Safari web pages only), Keynote (iPad).
Do NOT support third-party iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch apps for live streaming television such as tvuplayer, nettv, worldview live and etc.
Video output over HDMI is set to 1024 x 768 using a 720p scan rate. If the picture on your HDTV is distorted to some degree, it may be necessary to adjust the picture option under HDTV menu to "auto detect" or "factory default" or "just scan" or "auto wide" setting to optimize video resolution and display. HDMI to analog video format (VGA, Component, Composite) converters are not supported with this adapter.

  • iPad 2/New iPad/iPhone 4/4S

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