Thursday, 14 August 2014

Smoke Detector Alarm

General Purpose Smoke Alarm

Accidents can and do happen. Many fatal fires occur late at night or in the early morning.

So be safe and prevent fires in your home and at the office with the...


> General purpose and ideal for all areas. 
> Easy to install with mounting hardware included. 
> Alarm test button for easy recommended monthly testing. 
> Low battery warning. 
> Ionization technology for early smoke detection from all directions. 
> For protection, a safety clip will not allow mounting without a 9 Volt battery included. 
> Loud 85dB alarm signal.


1. Turn the mounting counter/anti clockwise to release the mounting from the latch, for access to battery input and insert 9V Battery. 
2. Install the mounting(top facing upwards) onto the desired surface(e.g: ceiling, wall, .etc), by securing it with the screws included, through the slots from the bottom of the mounting 
3. Install the smoke alarm onto the mounting, turning it clockwise to secure it onto the latch. 
4. Press the test button to test the smoke alarm. 
5. Smoke alarm is now ready.


> Brand: 3 

> Power:9V DC 

> Current: 

-Static Current: <10 uA 

-Alarm Current: 10 - 3 mA 

> Output: 
-Dry contact, Impedance <50ohms 
> Sensitivity: 0.65% - 15.5% FT 
> Work Temperature: -5°C to 50 °C 
> Buzzer: 85 dB in 10 inches

Stock Code: GG013

- 1x General Purpose Smoke Alarm 

- 2x Screws 

- 1x User Manual

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