Monday, 1 December 2014

LED Writing Board ,Size 60x40 (cm)

LED Writing board 60 x 40 cm 
Stock Code: LED021

The LED writing boards are easy to hang on windows and walls to present to your customers. Advertising and promotions On the terraces behind the window, shop and restaurant, and outputs in any other place than where you want to attract customers attention. 

adjustable in 7 different colors using "auto-rotate" or to be put on a color. You write your own text or drawing through a fluorescent marker and, if desired, you can wipe it again at any time and change. LED writing boards are easy to make, so advertising is even more attractive clean. 

Very lightweight (aluminum alloy)
Easy to hang on the brackets to the frame (horizontal and vertical).
Bright light and uniform light distribution.
Infinite and easy to change the texts.
Long life LEDs up to 50,000 hours.
The writing boards are not hot.
Minimal power consumption, an average of 4.5 watts.
Our writing boards are supplied with power adapter and remote control.
cleaning cloth and white pin are also included. 

Different ideas which you can use our writing boards:
Catering (daily, happy hour notices etc.)
Shops (opening hours, special offers)
Schools Work (for announcements and notices)
Receptions, weddings, parties and events.
And what more you can think of. Themselves all further

Each piece carefully packed in a box. 

Outer box of 10 pieces. 

Note: For the colors of the preview pictures, you need a set of markers. You can find it in the section LED Writing boards. 

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