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Aegis smoke alarm independent JTY-GD-SA1201 audits fire detection

Aegis smoke alarm independent JTY-GD-SA1201 audits fire detection


Product description
YJ-121 type freestanding photoelectric smoke detector uses a special design of the photoelectric sensor , chip production process , with high sensitivity, stable and reliable, low power consumption , beautiful and durable, easy to use features . Circuit and power supply can be self-test, can be simulated alarm test . The product is suitable for home , shops , dance halls, warehouses and other places of the fire alarm .

Installation method
1 , 25-40 per square meter installed in the room of a smoke , it is important 0.5-2.5 meters above the equipment installed smoke .
2. Select a suitable mounting area reservation with screws , the thread color smoke minutes after a spin on the anchor connector .
3 , according to the mounting bracket holes in the ceiling or a wall painted two holes .
4, according to two holes drilled two holes .
5 , insert two plastic waist nail in two holes , and then the back close to the wall mounting bracket .
6 , insert and tighten the mounting screws until mounting bracket firm withdrawal until the end .
7, the detector is a sealed device , and does not allow open, squeezed the battery compartment on the back of the machine inside .
8 , there is the back of the probe to a position near the mouth installed , and turn it clockwise . And make sure that the screw head has to slide into the two kidney-shaped hole.
9. Gently press the test button to see the detector is working properly.

Test Methods
Press the test button for at least 3 seconds , a sonorous pulsating alarm signal will be issued .
This means that the detector really work , at the same time the alarm , the LED flashes quickly .
You can also use the smoke blown into the detection chamber of ways to test the detector. ( Every week to do a test to obtain work permits reliable detector )

Installation and maintenance considerations
1 , can not be installed higher than the temperature and humidity of the ground , otherwise it will affect the sensitivity ;
2 , in order to maintain a good working efficiency sensor , every six months need to clean the sensor , first turn off the power , swipe the dust with a soft brush can be , then power up .

Manual testing
Automatic reset
Using a dedicated microprocessor control
Dust , pest control, anti-white light interference
LED alarm indication , environmental adaptability
Using SMT manufacturing process , stability

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