Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Refill Ink For All Cartridges 1000 ml

inkjet series , Accessories ,Ink 1000 ml

Stock Code:MX047

imported raw materials, the ink used by international quality fresh ingredients,   the ink a comprehensive testing to ensure the safety of non-toxic ink, chemical stability, non-corrosive to the print head and 
  ink will not plug the print head; after exhaustive physical and chemical parameters 
100% compatibility and widely applicable to ordinary copy paper, inkjet paper, film, photo paper, specially coated paper, card paper and a variety of print media; 
ink near the ink by a variety of simulated harsh environment, such as: high-altitude, high temperature, low temperature, sudden heat quenching, so as to ensure that the ink by ink near natural conditions in a variety of quality has always been consistent and stable.

Contain :1 liter ink
(syringe and pin not included)

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