Tuesday, 15 March 2016

RF Magic LED Controller For RGB Dream Color 6803 IC Strip Light DC 12V

RF Magic LED Controller For RGB Dream Color 6803 IC Strip Light DC 12V

Stock Code:LED032


This controller is design for led production which uses IC as driver. It is very useful for light box advertisement, stage light, house decorating, and so on.

Working temperature: -20-60°C
Name of Product: RF Magic LED Controller
Supply voltage: DC 12V
Net weight: 113G
Gross weight: 172G
Packing size:L130*W70*H52mm
Product size:L94*W60*H25mm
Consume power: 2W
Output: Tow group SPI signal
Length setup function
A lot of programs to chose(133 modes in total)
Memory function
With digital tube, left two reveal the mode, right two reveal the speed
RF IC Controller is suitable for RGB Dream Color 6803 IC Strip Light

Function of remote panels:
ON/OFF: ON/OFF button, it can open or close led anytime.
MODE: Play/pause button, pressing this button to pause, you can see the static affection of led.
S+: Speed quick button, the least number is 1
S-: Speed slow button, there are 100 step in all, the most number is 100
B+: Program choosing button, up direction there are 94 programs in all.
B-: Program choosing button, down direction.
M-: Reducing button,to reduce the IC NUMBER,the least number is 3.

Safety Information:
1. Supply voltage of this product is DC 12V never connect to other high voltage.
2. Never connect two wires directly in case of short circuit.
3. Lead wire should be connected correctly according to colors that connectign diagram.

Package Included:

1 x 133 changing types controller (Not included 6803 IC strip light and power supply)
1 x Remote Control(Battery excluded)
2 x Connecting line
1 x User Manual(English)

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