Tuesday, 20 December 2016

LED Strip 5050 Waterproof Glue Dropping

LED Strip 5050 Waterproof Glue Dropping


1.SMD 5050 lamps mounted, high reliability 
2.Flexible 12V LED Strip Light is used in DC12V 
3.Continuous length, packed with 5 meter per roll. 
4.Addressable LED Strip fits different occasions, every 3 leds can be cut apart. 
5.Maintenance free, easy installation with attached adhesives. 
6.Flexible 12V LED Strip Light has Long life span up to 50,000+ hours 
7.Flexible ribbon for curving around bends 
8.Completely smooth and even light spread, solving the uneven luminous problem 
9.Ultra-bright but running at low temperature 
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Cove lighting Accent lighting 
Backlight or edge lighting for signage and channel letters 
DIY Flex LED Strip for residential use 
Path and contour marking 
Decorative Flex LED Strip for holiday, event, show exhibition 
Flex LED Strip for Automobile and bicycle decoration

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