Friday, 16 December 2016

Universal World Travel Adapter AC 2 USB Power + Surge Protector US/UK/AU/EU Plug

Universal World Travel Adapter AC USB Power + Surge Protector US/UK/AU/EU Plug


--You can charge up to 3 devices at once! (Two via USB and one via power).
--This product can be used in over 150 countries throughout the world!
--This item is a universal plug which can plug into any USA/UK/EU/AU/NZ power outlet and have any USA/UK/EU/AU/NZ plugged into it, in any combination.
--Suitable for: Indonesia (Bali), Vietnam, Thailand, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Italy, France & many more!
--suitable for personal digital assistant PDA, mobile phone charging, digital cameras, shavers, chargers, DVD, notebook computers and other electrical products.
--Stock is 100% brand new
--2 USB Ports
--Surge Protector Fuse
--USB Indicator Light
--Power Indicator Light

US -AU Plug:
Input: 100V - 240V AC
Output: 100V - 240V AC
USB Output: 5V ,1000 mA
UK Plug: 250V - 3A
EU Plug: 125V - 6A / 250V - 3A
Material: Fireproofing PC
Colour: White/ Black
Function: Overcurrent and Short-circuits Protection
Size: 73x50x39mm
Weight: 104g

Please Note:
-- Does not apply in some Africa areas.
--Travel adapters does not convert voltage
-- This adapter is not suitable to be used with large appliances e.g. fridges, washing machines ect.

Packaged included:
1x World Travel Adapter

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