Saturday, 6 May 2017

3 PACK Mighty Putty Powerful Bonding Epoxy Sticks TV PRODUCT

3 PACK Mighty Putty Powerful Bonding Epoxy Sticks  




mighty putty 

1)repair:the broken engine,or cup,or plug the fracted piping 
2)spec:3pcs of putty,a pair of gloves

mighty putty
1)repair almost anything:stick bonds ,seals ,leaks and reparis ,gouges in steel,aluminum ,wood,fiberglass,concreteand ceramics.
2)spec:3pcs of putty,a pair of gloves

·Use gloves if you find skin sensitivity

·For best results,clean and de-grease surfaces,then roughen bond area
prior to application .
Twist or cut off required amount . Smaller amounts of putty used and
lower temperatures will lengthen hardening and cure times .

·To mix , knead thoroughly with fingers to a uniform color(average
mixing time is 2 minutes).A quick way to knead the putty is on a hard
,clean surface. If tacky on hand ,wet hand sligtly.

·Apply to surface to be repaired(within two minutes of mixing).The mixed
epoxy does not exhibit high bond strength at this point but appears to
be merely lying on the surface . Force into any cracks or holes to be
filled and strike off excess material .On painted surface ,the bond can
only be as strong as the paint bond itself

·When applying to damp,wet or slowly leaking area ,work the material
forcefully into the surface and apply pressure until adhesion begins to
take effect.

·For a smooth appearance of the cured compound ,hand rub with water or a
damp cloth prior to hardening .Remove excess material before hardening
begins .Once hardening begins , do not handle or reposition

·After 30-40 minutes the epoxy will harden and form a tenacious bond.
After just 60 minutes many items are able to be put back into service.

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