Saturday, 27 May 2017

Best Smart Holder Key Smart Pocket Key Holder Organizer (Long Type Smart Key)

Best Smart Holder Key Smart Pocket Key Holder Organizer (Long Type Smart Key)


Product Description

Stop fumbling in the rain for the right key

Our Smart Key Holder organizes your cumbersome mass of keys into an easy-to-identify collection, getting you into your home or car quickly. 

Made of rustproof aluminum alloy, this lightweight key holder keeps keys folded flat in efficient Swiss Army Knife style. 

This lets you carry your keys discreetly in any pocket, and without the annoying jingle to scare away wildlife as you hike that picturesque nature trail. 

You'll wonder how you ever got by with traditional keyrings. 

Easy installation, with the ability to attach oversize car remotes

You can quickly install 2 to 9 keys with just a flathead screwdriver and 2 screw sizes, included with your Smart Key Holder. 

You won't have to have any special keys made. 

Your standard hardware-store type keys will all fold in and store nested together. 

To use a key, simply flip it out. The remaining keys stay securely inside the Smart Key Holder. 

If you have oversize keyless entry remote fobs, you can attach those, too, via the integrated loop. For the automotive enthusiast in your life this revolutionary key holder is the ideal accessory. 

It is also a handsome and thoughtful gift for Father's Day, birthday or anniversary. 

Bestow a Smart Key Holder on your Best Man as a token of your appreciation he'll use every day. 

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