Wednesday, 5 July 2017

LED Retro Lamp Nightlight USB Lighting Rechargeable Adjustable Blow On-Off Night Light Home

LED Retro Lamp Nightlight  USB Lighting Rechargeable Adjustable Blow On-Off Night Light Home



Category Lights & Lighting Equipment
Weight 200 grams
1. portable LED night lights
2. can control the brightness of light and blowing light, and other functions
3. support dc 5 v or USB power supply
4. built-in rechargeable lithium battery
5. material: ABS + Alec,

PS Color: Red
Product parameters:
Input current / voltage: 500 ma / DC 5 v
Power rating: 0.4 W Built-in rechargeable battery which: 400 mah


1. To guarantee normal function of rechargeable battery in this product, for the first time when using this product, please use attached USB charging line, Micro USB connection to product in the middle of USB Micro interface, and connection to computer USB port or USB power adapter , USB port on charging more than 4 hours can be used normally;
2. shortage of power supply, LED light goes out instantly, while charging USB cable can be directly connected to USB charging interface;
3. If not use this product for a long time, please press the button to the "OFF" position, the product is closed charging function, saving more energy, saving power;
4. Turn ON lights on and off the lights, switch to "ON", blow ON lantern can be on or off LED lights;
5. This product with charging protection circuit, full automatic disconnect after charging, full sustainable use 3 to 6 hours (depending on brightness);
6. Power adapter requirements: in addition to using a computer USB port to recharge, this product can also (alone) with the USB interface of the phone charger

Package contents : 

1x usb charger cable
1x led nightlight

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