Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Spheric Party light Multifunctional color LED camping lamp


Spheric Party light Multifunctional color LED camping lamp 


Product Description

6LED Lamp

Continuous lighting time       4-5h

Lamp power     1W

Voltage 220V ~ 50Hz


Plastic material, durable, compact, with convenient strap, easy to use
In addition to lighting effects, the swiveling sphere above the lamp shade helps your room fill with fresh colors without the need for flashing lights.

Multifunctional Color LED Camping Lamp not only illuminate the room for power outages or take them out when you go out in the evenings, but also gives your room a whole new look thanks to the addition of lights. 6-color spherical led light.

You can use it as a common light or flashlight, when using a light for lighting, you can easily turn it on and off by pulling the lamp body upwards, and when you turn it off just push it down to get it neatly neat. This saves space and protects the light bulb from being hit while moving

Package contents :

 1x charging cable
1x led lamp

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