Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Electronic Sonic Mosquito Repeller

Electronic Sonic Mosquito Repeller

Stock Code:SHA014

100% brand new
The mosquito repeller uses an advanced sonic frequency to repel insects and mosquitoes.
Insect repellent that makes outdoor living and activities more enjoyable from the annoyance of mosquitoes, it works to help to protect you while you're fishing, camping, hiking, jogging, on the golf court, or just at ease on your patio or porch.
No chemical, no vapor, no odor, no pulverizer
2 different settings available: 1=Mosquito (silent) and 2=Dragon Fly (very slight sound).
Powered by 1x CR2032 button cell  battery(include)
Keychain design for easy carrying
Size:55 x 30 x 10mm
Drives Away Mosquito
Put On-Mosquito Out!
No Poisons
No traps
No dead pest

Can Be Used In:
>Homes and Apartments
>Garden and Farm
>Country Side
>River Side

Technical indicators:
>Power supply:DC 3.0V
>Power Battery:CR2032 lithium battery
>Operating Current:2 ~ 4mA
>Male mosquitoes frequency:18.4kHz
>Gragonfly Frequency: 38.4Hz
>The amount of acoustic sound pressure: 50dB

Product size:5.4x3.6x1.7CM
Product weight:0.015kg

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