Tuesday, 2 December 2014

IP Camera ,Wi-fi Network Baby Monitor

IP Camera Wi-fi Network Baby Monitor

Stock Code:DG033

WiFiCam C101 is a baby monitor based on Wi-Fi Peer to Peer technology.  It helps you to view your baby or pets not only cooking or watching TV at home, but also shopping or running outside. C101 is a day vision WiFiCam, not used in the darkness.
What Can You Do?
Use the WiFiCam by iPhone, Android or computer to watch over your home and loved ones. Use WiFiCam as a home video monitor, baby monitor, or puppy cam.
1. Can easily make it work, even without PC or router settings.
2.Can directly connect with smart phone, used as baby monitor
3. Can view your baby anywhere by smart phone(iPhone and Android)
4.Can hear voice from your baby
5.Can watch the real color video
6.Can set up it without any cable

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